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Want to Forge a New Path in 2021?

Join us in an 8 week Program to Release & Renew

Release & ReNew

8 Week Online Program


  • It has been scientifically proven that we can create a new habit within 30 days. Imagine, what you can do in 60!!!

  • In the place of the unknown and uncertain is an Opportunity to Create a New because you are No longer confined by the ways of the past.


  • YOU get to Create Your Reality! YOU get to create the Future You Dream Of!
  •  YOU get to Say Goodbye to the Old self and EMBRACE the New Future Self!


  •  This year has been quite a shift in our reality and I believe that many of us are ready to make the changes needed to live our Full Potential. I know I Am!

  • And what a great way to kick this off by doing a New Years Challenge and doing it together!

  • By sharing your 8-week “challenge publicly, you’ll be taking a huge step in being accountable to yourself and sticking with your challenge. That’s a great motivator and why I share my own  challenges publicly! ~Jason Zooks

Choose from 2 Options:

Option 1:

 ♥ We’ve created a safe online group page as a container for all of us to share our experiences. This is a place of accountability, cheering each other on, celebration and support!

♥ Opening Ceremony Sunday, January 31st 

♥ Receive Weekly Live Yoga & Meditation via Zoom

(Recordings will be made if you can’t attend)

  • Yoga 1-2 Classes/week 
  • Meditation 1/week 

♥ Personalized Teachings: Each participant will be asked:

“What is it that you want support/guidance with right now that will help you ALIGN with YOUR DESIRES?” 
“What is the best time for you to do a yoga/meditation practice?”
This way at least one of the live online classes will be at their chosen time or a time close to it! 

♥ Monthly Live Zoom Q & A’s

♥ Weekly Journal Prompts

♥ Closing Ceremony Sunday, March 28

∞ Investment Options:

$200/Pay in Full

Payment Plans Available Inquire at



Option 2: One-on-One Coaching, 1 hr session

♥ Receive 2 private, safe and supportive one-on-one coaching session with Kelsey.  The sessions will be personalized to your current needs.

+ E-mail support.

♥ As well as, ALL of Option 1

∞ Investment Options:

$420/Pay in Full

Payment Plans Available Inquire at




My Approach

Each year I commit to doing at least one 30 Day Challenge in September, this past year I also did one in May. This NEW YEAR, 2021 I will be doing another, but instead of 30 Days, it will be an 8 Week Challenge! 

These Challenges are some of the MOST POTENT months for me.

Doing this for myself Always IGNITES my PERSONAL POWER and supports me to BUILD MOMENTUM for the FUTURE I’M CREATING NOW!

This is how I Set MYSELF UP FOR SUCCESS and I am very excited to be sharing this experience with YOU!


  • The Best Investments I have ever made have Always been In Myself!

  • We honour you exactly as you are. This is a supportive safe space where there is NO judgement, only Illuminations and Wisdom from learning through experience.

  • We are Evolving and Upgrading our Mind, Body and Spirit’s. You ARE POWERFUL. You Can Create your Dreams into Reality.

  • It is time to Rewire Your Brain-Body/Heart Connections and Reclaim Your Power!!!

Are You Ready to Create the Life You have been Dreaming of?

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Release & Renew Self Investment Options

**For Payment Options Inquire with your preferred choice Bi-Weekly or Monthly


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!