Group and Corporate Sessions

Offering private yoga sessions to businesses and groups has been a dream of mine since I started teaching in 2012.

I believe the benefits for offering mindfulness practices to an employer’s staff supports employees to feel valued while taking care of their health and wellness. Businesses that have mindfulness programs included in their work place see less stress, less sickness/illness, injury and personal leave/turnover; they have a staff with improved morale, focus, and effort; are more grateful and joyful. The practice of yoga creates a greater connection between mind, body and spirit supporting everyone to live in their highest potential. I love witnessing the effect yoga brings to a workplace and I look forward to creating the perfect class for you and your team!

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                $200+ tax/1-1.5hr                   (Save with a 3-12m contract)



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      Will vary depending on class      size and space availability   (n/a if you have the space)

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